Alog is a stackable logging framework for Ada. It aims to be straight forward to use and is easily extendable. It provides support for various logger types, log facilities, loglevel policies and message transformations.


Alog is written in Ada so you need to have an Ada Compiler such as GNAT installed to build Alog. The library includes facilities to log to files and syslog.


Release version

The current release version of alog is available at

Verify a Release

To verify the integrity and authenticity of the distribution tarball, import the key and type the following command:

$ gpg --verify libalog-{version}.tar.bz2.sig

The key fingerprint of the public key (0xBB793815) is:

Key fingerprint = A2FB FF56 83FB 67D8 017B  C50C F8C5 F8B5 BB79 3815

Development version

The current development version of alog is available through its git repository:

$ git clone

A browsable version of the repository is also available here:


The Alog library has no special dependencies. To run the testcases, you need to have the Ahven Unit Test-Framework installed:

The building and installation process of Alog is simple. Just type in the following commands. You must be root to install the library system wide.

$ tar -xzf libalog-{version}.tar.bz2
$ cd libalog-{version}
$ make
$ make PREFIX=/usr/local install

This will compile and install the Alog library. If no PREFIX is specified, $(HOME)/libraries is used as installation directory.


After compiling and linking Alog, you can test if everything works as expected by typing the following command:

$ make tests

You should then see PASS behind each of the tests.