Version 0.5

Additions and changes
  • Drop PostgreSQL, SMTP and XMPP facilities

  • Simplify build logic and switch to gprbuild

  • Remove Alog.Version package

Bug fixes
  • Make policy database safe for concurrent access

Version 0.4.1

Additions and changes
  • Minor corrections to README.

  • Drop major version symlink.

  • Add revision number to library version.

Version 0.4

Additions and changes
  • Use latest libaws jabber API.

  • Remove policy handling from loggers.

  • Change default loglevel to Info.

  • Rewrite tasked logger exception handling.

  • Cleanup of syslog facility.

  • Auto-generate documentation.

Version 0.3

Additions and changes
  • Architecture cleanup.

  • Tasked and Active loggers.

  • Loglevel policies (source and destination filtering).

  • Coverage report generation.

  • Profiling support.

  • Provide code examples.

Bug fixes
  • Make stdout redirection work with FD facility.

Version 0.2

Additions and changes
  • PostgreSQL-based facility implemented.

  • Introduce two build types: base and full.

  • Transformations infrastructure implemented.

Bug fixes
  • Compile-fixes for GNAT 4.3.

Version 0.1

Additions and changes
  • File_Descriptor facility implemented.

  • Syslog facility implemented.

  • SMTP facility implemented.

  • XMPP facility implemented.

  • Basic logger support.

Bug fixes
  • none.