ADHCP is an implementation of the DHCP protocol in Ada. Currently the project provides client and relay services for DHCPv4. The client uses Anet for networking, Alog as logging framework and communicates with NetworkManager using D_Bus/Ada.

Alog is a stackable logging framework for Ada. It aims to be straight forward to use and is easily extendable. It provides support for various logger types, log facilities, loglevel policies and message transformations.

Anet is a networking library for the Ada programming language. The library provides a BSD socket implementation with a high level of abstraction and an extendable socket type hierarchy.

CUDA/Ada is an Ada binding to NVIDIA’s CUDA parallel computing platform and programming model.

The D_Bus/Ada library provides an Ada binding to the D-Bus message bus system.

gitter is a git repository feed reader for Android.

Muen is a Separation Kernel implemented in the SPARK programming language. It runs on the Intel x86/64 architecture employing hardware-assisted virtualization (VT-x and VT-d) as the fundamental separation mechanism. The goal of the Muen project is the development of a trustworthy open-source foundation for component-based high-assurance systems.

Paillier/ZKP is an Ada implementation of parts of the Paillier cryptosystem used in the context of electronic voting (e-voting). The project provides ballot encryption, zero-knowledge proof generation/verification and weighted tallying of encrypted votes.

PCSC/Ada provides an Ada binding to PC/SC-middleware. The library allows programs written in Ada to communicate with smart cards using the SCard API.

The Ada spawn manager implements the concept outlined in the GNAT GPL package System.OS_Lib. It is used to solve the problem of spawning processes at arbitrary times from multitasking Ada programs.

The Trusted Key Manager (TKM) is a minimal Trusted Computing Base which implements security-critical functions of the IKEv2 protocol. It is implemented using the Ada programming language. The TKM works in conjunction with the strongSwan IKEv2 daemon charon-tkm to provide key management services for IPsec.


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CA certificate

The CA certificate can be downloaded here. It has the following fingerprints:

  • MD5 A7:8F:F1:60:4A:44:D6:13:8B:0A:FE:B5:0B:C4:95:97

  • SHA1 34:EE:9C:91:C2:21:17:9D:7B:BC:12:26:FD:6C:F0:22:0B:21:2C:A3